David Ulmert


Targeting Secreted Antigens

for Precision Imaging and Therapy

Anders Bjartell Johannes Czernin

Lund University UCLA

Prostate Cancer Imaging with a purpose:

– clinical challenge From Diagnostics to Theranostics


15-17 November 2017

(Preliminary titles, exact times are in the PDF program)


Registration starts at 12.00, scientific program at 13.00.


Special theme: Prostate Cancer Theranostics




Konferensen 2017 hölls i föreläsningssalen i nya Strålningsbehandlingshuset, Klinikgatan 5, Lund.

Michael Laßmann Kalevi Kairemo

University Hospital Docrates Cancer Center

Würzburg Helsinki

Dosimetry in Prostate PSMA Prostanostics in Clinical

Cancer therapy Routine










Susan Evans-Axelsson, Lund University

Establishing 177Lu-PSMA-617 radioligand therapy in syngeneic in vivo models of prostate cancer


Oskar Vilhelmsson-Timmermand, Lund University

Radioimmunotherapy efficacy assessment of an internalizing humanized antibody: a systemic and tumor micro dosimetry perspective on a secreted antigen, human kallikrein-related peptidase 2, targeted in prostate cancer


Jens Ceder, Lund University

Stem cells in Prostate Cancer


Snacks and drinks will be served after the session.


Full day scientific program.






Michael Lassmann presenting work by Uta Eberlein, Würzburg Universityl

Biological Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine


Magnus Gram, Lund University

α1-microglobulin (A1M) - a radical scavenger with potential to be used for radiation protection


Jonas Ahlstedt, Lund University

Protection of kidney function with human recombinant α1-microglobulin (A1M) in a mouse radiation therapy model


Lovisa Lundholm. Stockholms university

The role of chromatin in response to alpha and gamma radiation in breast cancer cells


Linn Hagmarker, Gothenburg University

Evaluation of the correlations between the absorbed bone marrow dose and bone marrow response during the first cycle of 177Lu-DOTATATE treatment


Britta Langen, Gothenburg University

Age and sex: important variables in biomarker discovery for radiotherapy and risk estimation


Bertil Persson, Lund University

The synergy between ionizing radiation and immunotherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer


Sören Mattsson and Katarina Sjögreen Gleisner, Lund University

Ongoing work on radionuclide therapy dosimetry in EANM, ICRP, ICRU och IAEA


Anders Örbom, Lund University

Intratumoral activity distribution over time in preclincal radioimmunotherapy models


Katarina Sjögreen Gleisner, Lund University

Lund-Göteborg NET study


Emma Mellhammar, Lund University

ET in preclinical intratherapy monitoring


Pontus Kjellman, Lund University

Targeted Nanoparticles for theranostics of prostate cancer


Maria Evertsson, Lund University

Magnetomotive ultrasound imaging - a new tool for cancer diagnosis


Renata Madru, Lund University

Simultaneous preclinical PET-MRI study of lymphatic drainage of chelator free 64Cu-labeled nanoparticles


Emma Wikberg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Comparison of an analysis method and visual assessment concerning liver metastases in 111In-octreotide SPECT imaging including Monte Carlo based reconstruction


Daniel Roth, Lund University

A method for 177Lu-PRRT tumour dosimetry based on hybrid planar-SPECT/CT images and semi-automatic segmentation


Tom Bäck, Gotheburg University

High-resolution Alpha Camera imaging as a tool for developing Targeted Alpha Therapy


Lunch will be served and a Conference Dinner held in the evening.



Scientific program until 13.00.


Tomas Ohlsson, Lund University

Radiochemistry and Cyclotron produced radionuclides


Anja Mortensen, Uppsala University

Preclinical evaluation of a novel engineered recombinant human anti-CD44v6 antibody for potential use in radio-immunotherapy


Mohamed Altai, Uppsala University

Affibody-based PNA-mediated pretargeted therapy


Mats Lindroos, Lund University

Introduction to the European Spallation Source ESS


Martin Beck, Lund University

MAX IV – Synchrotron Light Source


Johannes Czernin, UCLA

JNMMI Editors view on future research and publications

Magnus Dahlbom


New developements in SPECT and PET

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